What is it?

The PLAN App Accelerator is a bare-bones foundation for building Node.js applications on Heroku. It utilitizes Heroku Postgres, Heroku Connect, and Heroku SendGrid to support integrations with Salesforce and email functionality.

The concept for the App Accelerator began with the desire to support rapid custom application development on Heroku for enterprises already using Salesforce. Heroku, along with the Heroku Connect add-on, allows businesses to create an experience that exceeds the limits of Salesforce's multi-tenant infrastructure, while still leveraging all the great things that Salesforce provides, making it the perfect application platform for enterprise.

With this context in mind, the App Accelerator strives to give businesses a headstart with full-stack development. We wanted to support development entirely in JavaScript, so that the entire stack can be maintained by fewer developers on a single language and because JavaScript development resources are easier to find than Salesforce resources. We also wanted to support SQL database functionality that is often critical for enterprise-level solutions.